Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant - Primary Care

Sana Benefits

Sana Benefits

Posted on Thursday, July 13, 2023
Over the past 6 years, Sana laid the foundation of an exceptionally unique health plan designed to reimagine what a health insurer can feel like for users. Our goal has always been to make healthcare understandable, accessible, and affordable for all. We’re well on our way to being understandable. When patients reach out to us, they feel like they just connected with a real human looking to truly help them. That’s unprecedented in health insurance. And we’ve created a plan that’s affordable. The 1,000+ businesses that have already switched to Sana are saving up to 20% on their premiums, while employees get access to $0 care.
But, making healthcare accessible is super hard, especially if you’re a plan limited to paying for traditional care. That’s why we believe the only way to make healthcare truly accessible is to deliver care ourselves. That way, we get to define what we think is insanely great care:
It’s easy to get care from anywhere.
It handles the full scope of primary care.
It manages highly complex situations, too.
A consistent team manages conditions as they evolve.
It arranges care with local specialists and facilities.
It’s deeply integrated into your insurance plan.
Much of traditional healthcare is focused on achieving the “Triple Aim” of healthcare— care that is accessible, high quality, and affordable. We think this doesn’t go far enough. That’s table stakes for a modern care model. Look, that stuff is hard to achieve when care is delivered haphazardly using a 20th century tool— oral conversations in scheduled exam room visits. But care models born with today’s potential will easily outperform a hundred year old tool, much like comparing Uber to Bob’s Taxi Service in Springfield, family run since 1949.
The “Triple Aim” is great, but what about adding happy patients and happy care teams?
At Sana, we don’t shy away from hard things. We create the future of healthcare because we can. Over the next few months, we’re rolling out Sana Care to all our members in Texas, delivered by our entirely in-house care team. Our ultimate goal is to be the one simple place our members go to get the vast majority of their care, from simple acute issues to complicated chronic conditions. And the only way to do that is to become trustworthy. We believe we become trustworthy by hiring exceptional providers that get to deliver care free from the hassles that burn them out.

The providers on our care team get to:

  • Have ongoing relationships with their patients
  • Manage both simple and complicated conditions
  • Work remotely, from anywhere
  • Commit to a full-time, 40-hour/week schedule
  • Collaborate as a multidisciplinary team
  • Use cutting edge tech, augmented by AI
  • Practice like they thought they could back when they decided to pursue medicine

We’re looking for an NP or PA interested in fundamentally changing how healthcare is delivered. You must be:

  • Master's degree (MSN) required
  • Licensed as a Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant in Texas
  • Excellent communication and people skills
  • Exceptional organizational and leadership skills
  • Clinical proficiency in evidence-based primary care
  • Comfort with using technology to deliver high quality care
  • You’re comfortable with trying new things. We’re constantly learning and improving as we go
  • Entrepreneurial. Self-directed. Excited to innovate.
  • Passionate. You care about making our healthcare system work better for patients
  • Grit. You aren’t worried about getting your hands dirty and working hard when you need to
About Sana
Sana is a modern healthcare company, providing health plans and innovative care solutions for small and medium businesses. If you are excited about building something new and being a part of fixing our broken healthcare system from the inside, please reach out!